Saturday, August 22, 2009

random weekends

So I met a friend in Itaewon for Thai food and then we wandered around. During dinner we were both complaining about how sore our backs were and how we needed massages. So we found a place and for a 50 minute aroma therapy back massage was 40 thousand won- just under 40 dollars. So we went for it. It was interesting for sure! The guy somehow ended up massaging my breasts- last time I checked my breasts WEREN'T on my back. I almost shat but didn't.

I feel a bit better- I almost have my neck back.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


So I have decided that I need an outlet to my stress. Since it is so FREAKING HOT in Korea, I am turning to writing. It has been very cathartic for me. I want to start walking again but summer is still raging in this land. Once it cools down then I am going to start walking again. Have my ITunes play list set up and am ready to do it. I am letting random little things build up inside me and I am starting to feel the effects of the stress. This is not a good thing at all. No job should ever make anyone feel as horrible as I feel at this job. I am a fairly competent and confident lady but this job makes me feel like pond scum. Like total pond scum. That is not cool.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tears and Stress

So I have spent most of the last week drugged out of my mind and sleeping. The rest of the week I spent uncontrollably crying at work. I am very stressed out and that is not cool. I need to change the situation. As a friend told me "You are a smart woman. You just need to change when you are nice to people and when you are a bitch to people." I thought about it and he has a point. I was mad at first but it made sense. Hearing criticism about your own personality/character is never easy to hear but it is easier when it is from a friend.

So work has me totally freaked out and stressed. I'm not getting into specifics as I know blogs are so widely read and I do not want to screw up the chances for my future. I am not happy and I've got to change my situation. Seriously have to change it. No job should cause that much stress. EVER. I know a lot of people do not always like their jobs but this is just not right.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Infections, fevers and meds oh my!

I am sick. I have medication. It is making me incredibly sleepy and crappy. I can barely function. I passed out at work and was sent home- I am happy the director stood up for me. I had asked yesterday if someone could cover my afternoon class and everyone gave me some lame ass excuse. Thankfully the director stepped up.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


So I recently went to Japan on a 4 day mini-vacation. The KCDC warns that if we feel sick within 7 days of returning we should visit them. Well I have a cold- and I doubt I have the swine flu. BUT I am going to the doctors tomorrow- coupled with this summer cold is an ear infection. I thought that horrific ear operation at age 4 was supposed to cure these horrible ear infections? I suppose not- instead it left gnarly looking scars on the insides of my ears and me cross-eyed from over medicating a 4 year old. YAY! I am grumpy. I need another vacation. Maybe a permanent one from Korea and the crap I associate with it.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mind Readers

OK so I just spent the last hour crying. Not useful at all. Doesn't make me feel any better. I actually feel worse.

I am tired of people who expect me to be a mind reader. It is hard on the soul, the body and mind. I have officially reached my breaking limit. I have been pushed over my limit. I throw my hands in the air. I am throwing the towel in. I am DUNZO. I can't do this shit any more.