Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tears and Stress

So I have spent most of the last week drugged out of my mind and sleeping. The rest of the week I spent uncontrollably crying at work. I am very stressed out and that is not cool. I need to change the situation. As a friend told me "You are a smart woman. You just need to change when you are nice to people and when you are a bitch to people." I thought about it and he has a point. I was mad at first but it made sense. Hearing criticism about your own personality/character is never easy to hear but it is easier when it is from a friend.

So work has me totally freaked out and stressed. I'm not getting into specifics as I know blogs are so widely read and I do not want to screw up the chances for my future. I am not happy and I've got to change my situation. Seriously have to change it. No job should cause that much stress. EVER. I know a lot of people do not always like their jobs but this is just not right.

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