Saturday, October 31, 2009

So tired....

Hi. It's Saturday. It's Halloween. It has been a very LONG week. I've changed jobs. I am still in Korea. I went from teaching 20 Kindergarten kids at a private academy to teaching 560 Grade 11 students at a public high school. Yeah big change! But I love it I am super happy that I made the change. I live in an awesome neighbourhood.

My passport and ARC are still at the local Immigration office. I am getting antsy to get them back- as I need to open a bank account and get my phone figured out. My phone company suspended all my outgoing calls and text messages because my Foreign ID card expired and I can't get it fixed until I have a new Foreign card. In Korea they are called ARCs- Alien Registration cards. I hate not being able to call or text people! It is a bit frustrating to be honest.

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